11 thoughts on “Friesians For Sale

  1. Your horses look amazing.looking to buy a Friesian they’re amazing beautiful horses. Could u tell me what price range they are? been looking for ages but not seen anything I really like.but seen two I like on your page. Thanks loads Lisa xx


    • Hi Sarah, would you be able to contact Mervyn, the breeder, by email or telephone? That would be the easiest way to get you the information you need. Thanks, Rachel


  2. Hi, your horses are beautiful. I am hoping to buy a fresian and was wondering would you be able to send me the price range please,
    Kind Regards,


  3. Hi you have fabulous looking friesians I have always wanted one , I had arabs before which are my other favourite but could never find any friesians. I would like to know the price range for them please .


  4. Hi I am looking for something like that I could do a bit of driving with I like the mare Eva m or anything else to suit


    • Hi Liam. Could you drop us a message on Facebook, or email us using the contact form on our website, and Mervyn can get back to you directly? Thanks!


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