Moonstone Horses is one of Northern Ireland’s leading providers of Livery services at The Old Green Stables, Kells.


Owner, Mervyn Moon, also specialises in breeding quality Friesian horses


Key Facts About The Friesian Breed

The Friesian horse is immensely popular and used in various branches of equestrian sport, both as a riding and driving horse. Without doubt, the Friesian breed delivers great performance to even the most demanding horse owners.

Distinguishing Features:
The jet black colour, the long, thick mane & tail, and thick feathering of the lower legs.

The spacious and powerful elevated gaits, the harmonious build and the noble head, set on a lightly arched neck, complete the aristocratic and fiery appearance of the Friesian breed. Its amicable character is the key to a great utility build.

Country of Origin: Netherlands.

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